Super Mycotan fungicide 250 ml

4,500 $



Super Mycotan 25%EC Systemic fungicide with protective and curative action.  It used to Control of Ascomycetes, Fungi Imperfecti, and Basidiomycetes on a wide variety of crops. For example, used as a foliar treatment for control of scab and powdery mildew in apples and pears; powdery mildew, shothole, blossom blight, and rust in stone fruit; powdery mildew in vines and cucurbits; powdery mildew and rusts on ornamentals; rusts on perennial grasses grown for seed; and various diseases of wheat; as a seed treatment for control of seed- and soil-borne diseases in barley, maize, cotton, rice and wheat; and as a postharvest drench or dip.   


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